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  • No cost to join. We are not charging for anyone to become a reseller. We only make money if you make money.
  • The product sells itself. The benefits are easy to explain and almost every company or organization would have a good use for this type of product.
  • It is very affordable. This makes it easy to sell. The return on the monthly investment is almost immediate in the benefit or revenue it can provide.
  • You get a significant initial and monthly commission from every account you sign up and keep getting the monthly commission as long as that account is active.
  • No sales minimum. Sell when you have the time. This does not need to be your full time job or even your part time job. Use this to supplement or replace your income. How much you make is up to you.
  • We do all of the support.You only have to get the product in front of the client and help them sign up from our website.

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